Laughing at the Pain-- NFP in a nutshell

It's NFP Awareness Week!

If you're at all connected with the Catholic Mommy blog-o-sphere on social media, this means that your feed this week has been flooded with blog posts talking about what NFP is, how great NFP is for learning about womens' bodies, or how hard NFP is, or how sanctifying NFP is, or how to know when to use NFP, or how more parishes should teach NFP, how it can actually be ok if NFP doesn't work out how you planned, and maybe even a couple ones on how much NFP can really stink.

(If this isn't true of your feed, I've linked to some good blog posts).

All of this is true.

What I haven't seen much of is any examples of how funny NFP can be.

I mean, c'mon guys, it's sex. Sex is funny just because it's sex. Countless comedians can attest to this.

Add to that the fact that comedy tends to be primarily about pain and the awkwardness of the human condition.

Ergo, NFP is an untapped comedic gold mine.

And so, I present to you, a collection of memes about the pain and the glory inherent in the practice of marital chastity.

Image result for evil laugh gif

General Memes

Hard to read fertile signs, 40 day cycles, the tiniest of post-ovulatory phases...what's not to love? 

I'd say that's fairly fertile sign...

"Lookit all the babies, mama! Pretty!"

Hubba hubba. 

#BreastfeedingLife, #PostPartumWoes

Marquette Method 

Happens to be the method we use, so I'm familiar with its particular brand of...eccentricities.



Angel choirs and great rejoicing...finally an end in sight!!

Those that just don't get it...

Seriously, double standard much? C'mon doc...

Some priests are wonderful, and uphold what the church actually teaches without thinking it needs to be added on to.
 Others....not so much. 

Think you can do better?

In all seriousness, you probably can. 😛

Here's the website I use to make memes. Browse the templates, see if anything speaks to you, and show me what you come up with!

[Edited to add: I just realized that the comment section here probably doesn't support memes. I do have a Facebook page, and I'll start a meme thread there if you'd like to participate).

Remember, it hurts a little less if you laugh. 😉

Check out the rest of this week's Quick Takes. 


  1. Not Catholic but I do use fertility awareness as part of my birth control and these are hilarious!

  2. Ok - those are hilarious! Well done!

  3. I can't figure out how to upload but I made a Mother Angelica meme captioned "picture of me while trying to avoid". I definitely change my sleepwear....

    1. Lol, I definitely do too.

      I realized right around the time I hit 'publish' that the comments section here probably wasn't going to support memes. :( If you still want to share your meme (and I hope you do, that sound hilarious), I have a Facebook page that you can post it on. I'll go ahead and start a meme thread there, in case anyone else would like to share their creations there as well.


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